I’m your Magic Feather

Here, hold this magic feather.  If you hold it tightly, you can actually fly!!!

That’s what Dumbo the flying elephant was told and he flew.

Archangel Wellness Magic Feather

The Magic Feather to Spiritual Coaching

But you’re no Dumbo. So if I tell you that spiritually based coaching or counselling actually will improve your life, why would you believe me????

Well…let me tell you about Spiritual Coaching. What exactly is it? While your common dictionary defines “coaching” as: to give instructions or advice to …there is no definition in the common dictionary for Spiritual Coaching.

So I kinda wrote in my own definition and while it includes a lot of the definition above, I’ve added that your Spiritual coach empowers you to connect to your own truths. In a session, you get to focus on your own truths and your Spiritual coach can “give instruction or advice” based on on your own personal beliefs. What does the Universe say? What does God say? What about your angels? In a world where there is a scientific explanation to everything, what about in the instance where there just isn’t one?

I chose to become a Spiritual coach when I became lost in my own belief system. Raised a Catholic, I was confused by a lot of the “rules”  that the Church had. I was now a divorced single mom and I felt I just didn’t fit in anywhere anymore. So, I began my own Spiritual journey. I began studying different religions trying to find my place and I learned they all had a common thread. Love. It all began and ended with Love. I learned that I wasn’t going to burn into fiery ash if I didn’t fit into the Catholic church anymore and I learned that there were other people out there just like me! People like me who wanted to feel loved, who wanted to believe in something bigger than themselves and didn’t want to feel alone in this big old world. I knew I desperately still wanted to feel that unconditional love when one is connected to Source and after years of training and coaching of my own, I discovered…that “source” was love. I felt that love. I felt that love in my heart for who I was. I didn’t feel alone at all and I decided to use my own training to help others find their way back to that “Love” that existed in all religions.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to believe in something bigger than yourself and it’s ok to want to have Spiritual practices or rituals, even if you don’t fit into a particular religion. Nowadays, some of us still needs rituals. I do! For me, everything is a ritual, I  have a morning ritual, a bedtime ritual, a meditation ritual, a Yoga ritual, a sitting in nature ritual, a howling at the moon ritual…and I want to help you find the rituals that fill you up and bring you closer to that love.  There are no wrong or right answers.  There are no good or bad decisions.  Like I said, in any religion it all begins and ends with love. So let me be your magic feather. If our only life purpose is to give and receive that love than I will work with you in a team effort where the “Divine” is considered and we all work together to help you along on your journey. I’ll do my best to connect you with your Spiritual beliefs and teach you how you can receive that loving guidance through your heart, through your intuition, through your “gut”… even if you don’t know really know exactly what your beliefs are yet. That’s ok.

On my own spiritual journey, I remember that during a mediation class where the facilitator was supporting us to connect with our “Guardian Angel” , we were doing a visualization and I had Jesus appear to me.  I was flabbergasted. I was confused. Not considering myself a Christian in any way shape or form I couldn’t understand why now, in my mid thirties I was being approached by Jesus? I sought answers, I sought explanations, I even I fought it! I wasn’t part of any Church and I liked my Buddhist practices so why was Jesus appearing to me? As I meditated more, studied more and honed my skills more, over the years, I stopped questioning why Jesus still comes to me in meditations. I feel more connected to that Love and that’s all that matters. It doesn’t have to “look” a certain way.  I stopped trying to find explanations and I stopped fighting it. The Jesus I see is a wanderer of the world, a teacher, a healer, a carpenter, a hippie, a very cool dude. He meditates and heals. Accepting everyone. Loving everyone. He never leaves you. He doesn’t abandon you so you can learn “lessons”, he doesn’t leave you if you’ve been “bad” or in your ego. He sticks by you. This Jesus exists in my heart, that’s the real Jesus to me because he loves me and is there for me. Christians always told me that the Jesus I speak to must be a demon or an imposter because you can’t communicate with Jesus that way and to be wary for I am speaking to a false Jesus. What? Who said? Why couldn’t I speak to the real Jesus this way? This Jesus is a being of white light and healing that loves me unconditionally and that’s the Jesus I want to hang with. That’s the real Jesus to me.

Me and my homie, JC.

When we are filled up with love for ourselves, in a healthy way, that love just spills out of you on to others. The Dalai Lama says, “If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them.” All of us can connect with that Love. Some of us just  need a little coaching, a little mentoring and that’s where I like to think, I come in. I will never try to convince you of anything that isn’t already part of your own belief system. I will just help you connect with your own universal and spiritual current and remind you, it’s ok to be you and you are never alone. You are loved.

Imagine, you’ve teleported into the future and you are living your life as a happier, wiser, more at peace, spiritual soul. You got there because you’ve given up trying to do things on your own, figuring things out on your own and you’ve learned to tap to into that Love! Remember when I said, there is a scientific explanation to everything? There is also a spiritual explanation to everything too! Doesn’t that blow your mind? And when you learn to deal with challenges by tapping into your inner wisdom, you don’t have to do it on your own anymore and you don’t need someone like me, a Spiritual coach, anymore either.

By opening our hearts and asking certain questions, we are opening ourselves up to the Universe’s love… to Nature’s love… to God’s love…whatever your belief system is…it all begins and ends with love, remember? There is no wrong or right answer on your own personal Spiritual journey and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If they do? It’s time to bless and release them.

Spiritual coaching sessions should help open your heart to spiritual answers. It should never feel shaming or negative. In turn, I believe you open your heart to more peace and more love in your life. And who doesn’t want that?

Archangel Wellness Open Your Heart to Love

Open your heart to more peace and more love in  your life.

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