Angel Messages – Archangel Uriel

Hey everyone, in this post I am called to speak about Archangel Uriel. Now when you are wanting to work with any Archangel, Guide or Ascended Master, it’s important to call upon them correctly. You want to first find out as much as you can about them so you know how to ensure you are communicating with the correct entity.

Archangel Uriel’s aura glows in a soft golden colour or a pale yellow. His name means the Light of God, God’s Light or God is my Light, therefore is known as the angel of light. He is the archangel of wisdom, philosophy and thought. Uriel is said to have appeared to many as a “round” angel, jolly, almost as if a grown cherub like angel.  Think of your jolly old uncle that makes you smile. Many believe it was Uriel that appeared to Noah before the great flood in the Holy Bible. However, the name is not actually mentioned in the Bible. He is often depicted with a torch, a flame, a lighting bolt or a lantern and is said to “illuminate” our minds with the answers, ideas, new concepts and insight.

Coming from a place of love, relaxation and calm, ensure you have done what you need to ground yourself, and open up your crown chakra. First picture Uriel’s aura. A light, warm golden colour or pale yellow. Then call upon Archangel Uriel: 

To work with Uriel, infuse your space with the colour yellow. You can light a candle, (a yellow candle is even better) or a fire in the fireplace, the point is anything representing a flame. Wear yellow, have amber crystals on hand, maybe some lemon water as well.

“Archangel Uriel, I know it was you that is said to have warned Noah of the great flood.  I call upon you now to please assist me. I ask you please, to let your knowledge, your wisdom and understanding guide me with __________”

Remember to watch for the signs and visit the three A’s of communication when receiving guidance from angels. If you need a refresher on that, you can check out my YouTube video on How to Communicate with Angels. 

As always, remember to give gratitude.

Our message from Uriel this month is: You know what to do. Trust your inner knowledge, and act upon it without delay.

Angel hugs and angel blessings, Lexi