Animal Spirit Guides

Getting in touch with my “power animal” or “animal spirit guide” has been part of my spiritual journey that actually began for me almost thirty years ago but  I just didn’t know it at the time.

One of my best buddies and “Soul Bro’s” is a wickedly talented airbrush artist. He painted this amazing painting for me that included my animal spirit guide and my constellation.  It prompted me to write again about my personal story with my own animal spirit guide.

When I was a little girl I had my “imaginary friends” that only I could see and hear but when I was about 9 years old, I had an experience that most would describe as “paranormal”. I woke up one morning to the cawing of what I thought was a crow outside. Much to my surprise, when I opened up my eyes to the barely sunlit room, I wasn’t alone and the cawing was not actually coming from outside.

Perched majestically on the curtain rod over my bedroom window was a proud looking, almost two feet tall, black bird inside my room. Yes, that’s right, IN my bedroom, on the curtain rod was what appeared to be, a “giant” crow.

I rubbed my eyes to get a closer look and as I sat up in bed, the black bird flew down to me. I immediately threw myself back on the bed and pulled the covers up underneath my chin.  The curtains were drawn but it was bright enough in the room, to see what my “feathered friend” was up to. The bird did not fly around all confused, banging into the walls or banging into the windows like I’ve seen other birds do when they are indoors but every time I sat up, the bird would fly off the curtain rod and down to me.

I could tell it was still early in the morning as I didn’t hear anyone else in the house stirring. I observed him for a bit. He wasn’t doing anything but turning his head occasionally to look down at me. His caw echoed like what it felt, through the whole house. I became frightened and remember calling out for my parents. I called and called until finally I heard my father coming down the hall. When I heard my father get to my bedroom, I was  very surprised that he couldn’t open the door and the door was locked.

“Abreme la puerta!” my father shouted in Spanish.

The door was locked? But how or why? I was a child, a scared little girl, and no way would I have ever have locked that bedroom door. So, I had to jump out of bed to open it. Come to think of it now as an adult, I had never even used the lock on that door, ever. When my father came into my room, I saw he was both shocked and stunned by what he saw and after running to get a broom to scoot the bird out of the obviously left open window, there was of course, no open window. That crow had “magically” manifested himself into my room.

For years, my family speculated and spoke of the “wretched crow” and how he got into my room. He had obviously brought bad Lexi Gaia Verano - Ravenomens, curses and plagues of mental illnesses.  I was diagnosed and rediagnosed with several “disorders” in fact because let’s be real, if you see or hear things that others don’t, you are classified as mentally ill.  The diagnoses always changed, depending on the psychiatrist my parents took me to and my mother’s Catholic beliefs only frightened me more. This was obviously a curse.

But how could I have been so mentally ill when my father saw the bird as well? Didn’t other kids have imaginary friends too? And if this was a “curse”, who would want to curse an innocent child? I wasn’t sure but what I did know was that ever since I saw and heard that large, black bird in my room, I became sensitive to energies and had great difficulties sleeping at night. More than ever, I heard things, I saw things, I experienced things but I assumed, all of it was “bad.”

It wasn’t until I worked with a gent by the name of Rocky Krogfoss, a Core Belief Energy Healer, Life Coach and Intuitive Counselor that I FINALLY got some useful information and was introduced to the concept that the Raven, the Crow with which I had so many encounters with since that first childhood experience, was my “power animal”, my animal spirit guide. Maybe I wasn’t a complete utter “wacko” and maybe there was something good in having a raven appear in your bedroom.

Today both the raven and the crow meet me in my meditations, they are my protectors, they call to me from the trees when I connect with nature in the forests and sit eerily close to me when I am in meditation out doors. I call upon them in my time of need and send them to my loved ones when they need assistance. I no longer view them as something “bad“. The aboriginal people of Canada for example, actually view the Raven and the Crow as the most powerful animal in their folklore and I learned how much of my own personality and what is written about them, ties into who I am as a woman today. I embrace my beautiful brother Crow now. One man had to stop and photograph me once, when he told me he had never seen someone so comfortable with having a large, black bird almost perched upon their shoulder. I just smirked at him and nodded.

Animal Speak - Archangel Wellness BlogDiscovering YOUR totem animal, your animal spirit guide or power animal, can be a rewarding experience. Books by Chris Lutthichau, Steven Farmer and Ted Andrews can be extremely helpful in helping you discover and learn more about your own connection with a particular animal and what it means for you.

Click HERE to see my youtube video on more of my raven story and attached here is one of the books I have used to help me learn more about my totem the Raven.

Blessings, Lexi

Angel Messages – Archangel Gabriel

Hello everyone!

This is the first post of my Angel Messages that is now public for everyone. I used to write my Angel Messages newsletter for subscribers only but recently it came to me that everyone would benefit from these messages and you don’t have to just be a subscriber to enjoy them.

Archangel Wellness - Gabriel Lane

Today I am being guided to speak about Today I am being guided to speak about Archangel Gabriel. An Archangel near and dear to my heart. To those of you that have read my story “The Angel in Orange” in my book, this story is completely dedicated to Gabe.

So if you are reading my blog for the first time, know that I speak of angels and archangels as non-denominational, celestial beings that aren’t part of any particular “religion”. Gabriel however is recognized in Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Bahaai Faith as he is one of the only two archangels mentioned in the Bible; Gabriel and Michael. It is Gabriel that first appears to Mary to advise her of the upcoming birth of her son, Jesus. But Gabriel is not just known in the Bible, you can see different versions of Gabriel depicted in countless TV shows and movies such as Supernatural, Constantine, Legion, The Prophecy, 40 Nights and of course the movie titled simply, “Gabriel” to name a few.

As the archangel that delivers powerful messages and announcements, Gabriel is often depicted with a horn or a trumpet and who’s name means “Messenger of God”. Gabriel often appears in a male form but don’t let that fool you; Also as the angel of children and known to aid and assist women during pregnancy and childbirth, Gabriel often appears as a female as well. Countless stories speak of Gabriel androgynously as well and that’s one of the things I love about Gabe the most. When I feel the warm orange glow of Archangel Gabriel’s aura, I know he is with me and it doesn’t matter how she appears to me. I know he brings good tidings. 🙂

Archangel Wellness - Gabriel card 1

If you would like to work with Archangel Gabriel, you can! Orange stones and crystals like Citrine and Amber will help and don’t forget your copper!

Meditate and come from a place of calm and peace. Remember to ground your self, and open our crown chakra to Gabriel. Visualize the warm orange glow of Gabriel, wear orange, put orange slices in your water and ask for guidance. You can say something like: Dear Archangel Gabriel, Messenger of God who brought good tidings to Mary about the birth of her son Jesus, please assist me at this time with _________. ” And remember to always give thanks.

This editions special message is from Gabriel who says: Stay true to yourself! Don’t compromise or water down your ideas. Listen to, trust and follow your inner voice.

Thank you again for reading. If you have “angel stories” you’d like to share with me, send them to me! I’d love to hear from you.

Angel hugs and Angel blessings,