The Divine Plan

Have you ever felt like you didn’t have a clue what you were doing with your life or what you were supposed to do with it anyway?

Have you ever felt moved or pulled in a certain direction to do something but you weren’t sure why or if it would even turn out the way you wanted?

I have. And the most definitive time for me was all about having my second child. Having been told most of my life that something was wrong with me, that acting on my passions, dreams, hopes and desires was “crazy”, or irresponsible, that speaking to Spirit was a symptom of mental illness… it was very difficult to explain to others why I knew I was going to have a second son.

All I can honestly say, is that I was “pulled” to have him and it became something I felt, heard and saw as my very birthright. Something I wanted. Something I had to do. When the time was right, trust me, it happened easily! LOL but when I was trying too hard, it never happened. I had to let go of the need and the want and the attachment of how it was going to look.

There are, of course, many rational, psychological, biological reasons why I was going to have my son but the problem was, those were all just ” rational, psychological, biological ” reasons and I have come to learn there are other reasons out there, Spiritual reasons. The “reasons”, I felt in my body, came from another place. They came from Source.

Things were rocky in my marriage to say the least, on and off… but one thing that kept coming up for me was that I was to birth another son. I knew I wanted another son but why? Why now? Was it a crazy or irresponsible thing to do? When things were really good between my husband and I, it never seemed to happen. Now that things were not so good, why did I know I was going to get pregnant? Shouldn’t I have done more things to prevent it? Hahahaa!

I examined if it was the proverbial “biological clock” ticking. I checked in with my gut. That didn’t seem right as I already had one son. I also knew, it wasn’t to try and “fix” my marriage either. If anything, I thought having a child with my husband could quite possibly drift us further apart. I asked for Divine guidance, I pulled cards, I prayed, I meditated, I asked other intuitives. Something inside me told me I was going to have a baby. I was kinda scared at first but then I let it go and it felt great!

What I am going to say next, might sound crazy but I honestly felt like my unborn son’s presence, his soul, began visiting me before his conception… “tapping” on my shoulder and telling me, ” now is the time you bring me into the world…this is where I come in… here is where I make my entrance…now is the right time to get pregnant….Remember the plan?”

Plan? What plan? On my Spiritual journey, I have learned that there is something out there greater than my rationale. Or my lack of rationale for that matter! There is the Divine and I strongly believe that my own Divine self, did in fact have a plan before I arrived on this Earth and in this body to have a second child, another son and that’s why I felt such a pull to make the decision to “let” myself become pregnant again. I felt I was going to have another son and I knew he would teach me many, many lessons.

Making the decision to have a child, change careers, buy a home, or leave a relationship for example, these are all complex ones. Rather than just reading parenting magazines, watching stocks or listening to others opinions, I encourage you to listen to yourself.

Take your time. Don’t push it or try to rush it! Pay attention. Listen to  your heart, listen to that “gut” feeling and to those “goosebumps”, pay attention to your dreams and visions because that’s your Divine self and your Divine team speaking and whether it involves having children or other big decisions, your intuition has something to tell you. Your Divine team speaks to you through your intuition.

Whenever it’s time to make a decision, I encourage everyone to talk to their Divine self, talk to their Divine team and listen to their intuition because it’s always right and always knows what’s best for you; whether you like it or not.

I became a Spiritual coach for many reasons but two reasons are clear. I love helping others get in touch with the Divine and I love helping people discover their own “Divine Plan”.

Today my sons are my greatest Spiritual coaches. They help bring me back to Source. Things did not work out between my husband and I but I have learned so much more from my second son and his guides and angels that it is clear now why I felt the deep calling to have him. Was it irresponsible? Crazy? Foolish to have him? Definitely not! It didn’t look like I wanted but it was just part of my journey and his lessons have allowed me to be a better mother, a better teacher and a better human.

If you feel a deep calling to change or add something into your life, check in with the Divine, let go of any attachment to ego and outcome, don’t rush it, it may not always turn out how you thought it would but it’s always what’s best. Look for the signs: how do you feel? what visions do you get? what messages are you hearing? what do you just know?

And I stress, take your time, if it’s not the right time, it won’t happen. Let go and just trust. It’s all part of the journey, it’s all going to work out exactly as it should and it is all part of the Divine Plan 😉


Me and my two greatest teachers

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