Positive Vibes Jambalaya 

Well hey there! Welcome and thanks for checking out my blog! Warning: writings may contain expletives, adult content and is written in a home office that may have been in contact with nuts.

I have been writing and blogging for many years about this thing and that thing but I’ve never condensed everything I have learned over the years about myself, about others, about spirituality, intuition, religion, health, wellness and relationships all in one place. Well…that’s what this blog is: A big ol’ jambalaya of all of the above. PLUS…it’s all gonna be all about positive vibes.

So who am I? I’m a woman. A pretty “alright” woman, I’d say.  I show up and do my best on most days. I make mistakes. Learn from them and move on. I act crazy, I act sane. I listen to hip-hop, I meditate, talk to Angels, give thanks to Jesus and I believe in peace and love but I say “fuck” a lot. I’m a mother, daughter, teacher, entrepreneur, holistic practitioner and Angel Intuitive. (All positions where I don’t say fuck) But I’m also a writer, artist , gardener, sister and best friend. (Cuss words used often here) I don’t think I could give you a 30 second elevator pitch about what I do. I’m just too round to fit in that square peg and that’s jus’ fine with me. It’s all good.

As a woman, I can be complicated. Not that all women are complicated… we just generally…sometimes, mostly, always… are. I like to think of myself as “multi-faceted”. That sounds a lot better than “complicated”. Ever changing, ever evolving, that’s me.

As I have aged and matured as a woman I feel I have become less and less complicated and a lot more and more positive. I am pretty comfortable in my own skin but that doesn’t mean I don’t still leave others scratching their heads about me…it’s just less often… and after 40, what woman really gives a shit what others think of her anyway? Scratch away I say, scratch away.

I’m not here to teach you how to make millions or how to rock at anything other than just being yourself! Your most grateful, joyful, most blissful, authentic and spiritual self.  Doesn’t that sound dreamy? I’ll share my shenanigans, my experiences, my musings and hopefully it’ll give you the motivation, inspiration, courage and know how to discover your own most sacred and spiritual self.  I can’t wait! It’s going to be fantastic!

Positive vibes my loves…only positive vibes.




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